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Centre for Disaster and Military Psychiatry

About Us

The Centre

The research group in Disaster and Military psychiatry is part of the Centre for Disaster and Military Psychiatry. The Centre is a joint project of the University of Zurich and the federal Project of the Swiss Academy for Military and Disaster Medicine (SAMK). It is financed by the Swiss Confederation and is dedicated to research, the training of young psychiatrists and the development of medical supply concepts in the defined jurisdiction.


Our research group is part of the Research Unit for Clinical and Social Psychiatry of the Zurich Psychiatric University Hospital under the direction of Professor Wulf Rössler.

The Centre's primary focus of research lies in the areas of psychiatric screening and early diagnostic recognition of psychological disturbances. We are therefore engaged in Psychiatric Diagnostics, Prognosis and Epidemiology.

Students and graduates are given the opportunity to write their undergraduate dissertations, theses or dissertations at our Centre.

Supply Concepts

Within the area of psychiatric supply concepts in case of major events, we favour salutogenetic (constitutional) strategies using early health education. In addition, we focus on constituitive information, methods for the detection of vulnerable individuals (people with an increased risk of falling ill), networking of specialists in coordinated interventions and treatments.

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Schweizerische Integrierte Akademie für Militär- und Katastrophenmedizin